Model: Adina Beth

Many women are ashamed they have a disability, but Adina is not embarrassed that she’s deaf. She sees life as a challenge so it doesn’t bother her. Although Adina can’t always understand what people are saying, she does better one-on-one because she was brought up to read lips, and also, she has a cochlear implant. Growing up, Adina never watched TV because she couldn’t hear the sound. In those days, they didn’t have closed caption, so she did a lot of reading. Adina was very interested in science and math. Recently, she has lost a lot of her vision, and doesn’t see well at night. But she has a strong sense of touch. Adina can tell if someone is behind her. She seems to relate better to animals than people. Today, they are working on all kinds of new products for people who are hearing impaired. Adina believes in the next 20 years, they’ll come up with something to help us hear 100%.

“The advantage of my disability is that when I don’t want to hear what people are saying, I just turn off my cochlear implants.”


Photographed by Ginny Dixon