Model: Alayna Gayle
Meniere’s Disease — Deafness

Alayna grew up in West Texas, living among cotton fields and oil rigs. She attributes much of the values which allowed her to overcome diversities to her upbringing.

“Anything I’ve ever wanted, I never had the option to not achieve it,” she said. “Either you do or you don’t. I was taught that at an early age. If you fall on your butt, get back up. I’m glad I was taught that.”

She started losing her hearing as a small child, eventually being diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. Without the assistance of hearing aids, Alayna is legally deaf today. She learned sign language before her deafness and can read lips.

“Progressing towards deafness was an eye opener, really!”

Alayna moved to the Hill Country over four years ago; opened a salon, spa, and boutique at Canyon Lake; and married last May.
“My successful business is due to hard work and dedication. If you have a dream, make it happen. It’s not going to happen on its own.”

She added this regarding her participation in the Texas Bold Beauty Project: “Live your life for YOU! Be bold. Be brave. Be original. Don’t give a dang what others think about you. Never lose sight of what you want. Always follow your dreams. Never let anything stand in you way. Stop and enjoy life’s moments. Do not give into unnecessary drama. If it makes you happy, DO IT! Make no excuses and have no regrets. Truly embrace YOU! Most importantly, always be sweet.”


Photographed by Rachel Smith