Model: Ann Thomas

She directed and acted in “shows” on her front porch in Ogden, Utah at age 6 or 7. Acting came naturally to her. She is Ann Thomas, AKA, Blanche Dubois, in Tennessee Williams, “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Queen of the Fairies, in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and Roseanne in “Cyrano DeBergerac” by Edmund Rostand.

Ann always felt like she was a channel from the playwright’s words to the audience, a responsibility she took most seriously. The roles she has cast herself in off the stage are: lover, mother, teacher, lawyer, friend and sister. Although she is no longer dancing across the stages she is still at her core an actress and an artist.

Ann’s present role as a disabled actress, squeezing every bit of life and joy out of each moment takes concentration and patience and she is blessed to have so much love and help from almost everyone she meets daily.

“I am humbled every day by my Multiple Sclerosis and find I have too many things to do, roles yet to play, to think about my disability very much, you know, girls just want to have fun!”


Photographed by Darryl Strawser.