Model: Blanca Angulo
Leader, LA Coalition of Immigrants with Disabilities

This can be controversial, but let me share some thoughts. People think a person with a disability has no reason to groom themselves or no longer wants to go out and look good. And that’s not true. Maybe it’s true for some people, but I tell you, I am blind, and I always want to look my best.

Blindness does not mean I don’t take care of myself. Sometimes, I visit women grappling with blindness, and I’m there to help them, and they say, “My husband does not show interest in me anymore.” I tell them to take better care of themselves. We cannot let go of ourselves due to a disability. A woman is born beautiful. She is tender, loving, flirtatious, so many things that she shouldn’t let go of because of a disability. She must look her best, nourish her self-esteem, and feel good about herself.


Photographer: Claudia Hoag