Carmelys Vincent
Age 26, Cerebral Palsy
Photographed by Lisa Helfort


To be an inspiration has been a statement that most people with disabilities find offensive, However, I have learned that my life is not my own. My faith has proven time after time to be my greatest key to life. As a Haitian-American, Adventist Christian woman; a young professional with cerebral palsy I know these are not hindrances but characteristics that can if I choose to showcase the greatness that Jesus has showed in me. Thus, to be engaged in community and contributing as an active agent in society is a part of the goal but not the end dream. As I enter into the counseling psychology field, I understand full well some of the challenges people with disabilities face. I want to be a leading pioneer to pave the way for others to not be afraid to reach for their dreams. To be inspiring is to be inspired; through my pain and my joy; I will still smile. Thus I smile because I have been inspired

To have cerebral palsy is a physical characteristic, to seek to be grateful and not entitled is an even greater asset.