Model: Cynthia Fleischmann

Photographer / Artist

Losing a leg has been a challenge, but it was the best thing that could have happened to me in my situation. On October 14th 2015, a car driver making an illegal move on the highway hit me while I was riding my motorcycle at 65 mph on I-95 North in Miami, sending me flying. I consider myself extremely lucky to be alive and in such good condition. My excitement for life has not changed, and I continue to do most of the activities I did before. I just do everything in an improvised manner, on crutches or hopping around without them. I am fortunate to have my hands and eyes for my art of ‘bodypaintography’, and I can still paint people into their environments and take their photographs.

Soon, I will be fitted for a prosthetic leg, and my biggest hope and challenge is to be able to salsa dance again! I am an above the knee amputee (AK), which makes things a bit more difficult, but not impossible. I will try my best, and will not let my ‘handicap’ or ‘disability’ discourage me from dancing, traveling, snowboarding, hiking and playing lacrosse once again.


Photographed by Starr Sariego