Model: Daisy Friedman Peloso

I received a small bowel, liver, and pancreas transplant at age 3 and was fed entirely by a feeding tube till age 6. My family moved from New York City to Omaha, Nebraska for my care. As I got older, I grew healthier, but I still always felt like I had one foot in the able-bodied world, and one foot in the disabled community. After participating in a 16-day sit-in at UCLA with the Disabled Student Union during my freshman year of college, I became increasingly interested in disability activism and how I can use my experience to help others better love their bodies and own their differences. In 2021, I wrote/directed my first short film about an interabled queer couple who spend the night together for the first time. For the first time, I have the confidence to stand in the power and beauty of my body and be vulnerable.


Photographer: Kendra Shiloh