Model: Etty Faskha
Spinal Cord Injury

When I was 16, I suffered a car accident returning from Coronado. As a result, I had a spinal cord injury where the movement from my arms to my legs was compromised. With a lot of effort and dedication, I have regained enough strength in my arms but not in my hands and the rest of my body. Since before the accident, my passion has always been sports and Hapkido is my favorite.

When they told me about the Bold Beauty Project and its meaning, I immediately thought of Hapkido . First, to show that a woman can practice any sport and remain beautiful, feminine and female. I faithfully believe that beauty is born of happiness and well-being, it is part of a mental state and not a physical condition. Second, because Hapkido not only represents a very important part of my past, that young woman full of fire and passion for the life I felt when I practiced, also represents the evolution to the woman that I have become and in which I will continue working with the values that taught me how dedication, perseverance and discipline that have been key to the goals I have achieved.

This photograph is the result of eight months of strong training from the hand of an invaluable team to whom I will always be grateful.





Photographed by Javier Sucre