Model: Heather McArthur
Cerebral Palsy

I feel that I have embraced the concept of Bold Beauty by not automatically accepting the first impression people give of me. I was very lucky as a child to be naturally outgoing and smart. So I think it surprised people when I wanted to be physically independent as well. I had my first surgery before I was three-years-old and had 17 in total by the time I was 21. In all that time, I never once stopped going to normal school or planning on getting a scholarship to college, which I eventually did. Ever since graduating from college, I have had the privilege of running my own company with great personal success. I think it means something for people to assume you will rest on the obvious or the status quo and then surprise them by doing something completely above and beyond.

I chose the photo that I did because I wanted to express the idea that a woman can be sexy and genuinely beautiful regardless of scars or physical limitations. And, at the same time, that very same woman can be ferociously intelligent and run the world without having to deny her beauty or what makes her a woman. We are many, many, many things and have a right to never be labeled as one particular thing.


Photographed by George Krause