Model: Lara Minges
Cerebral Palsy
Social worker

For most of my life, I’ve been acutely aware of how others may see me. In the past, I have hated and punished my body for the trauma it carried, words I could not push out of it, and all the ways I felt it was not okay. I have spent much time healing this and now work to help others heal.

I chose to have a cape in this picture to show that I am a passionate, visionary advocate for disability visibility and honesty. This cape is also a nod to perfectionism, something I and many other disabled people struggle with, due to negative views of disability and the feeling that we must work hard to be seen as capable and whole.

I am a macro social worker who specializes in supporting disabled and non-disabled people with trauma, body image, perfectionism, and related issues. I am holding a candle because I believe in the light of God in everyone. I want to be a vessel of that healing and light as I work to impact responses to disability and trauma. For more on my work or to work with me, please see:


Photographer: Rosalind Guder