Model: Lauren Shipman
Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy

As a 29-year-old with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, I have become accustomed to people telling me that I cannot do certain tasks because they are “impossible” for someone who uses a wheelchair. Well, I am a true testament to making the impossible possible.

I have been a go-getter my entire life, successfully graduating from college in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a minor in psychology. I have always demonstrated a strong work ethic in my education and putting in countless hours to earn good grades.

Aside from my motivation do well academically, I am passionate about many aspects of life. One of these aspects is my love of sports. I play on a power wheelchair hockey team; I go surfing; I go indoor skydiving; I go skiing…just to name a few. My competitive nature empowers me to live life to the fullest and not let anything stop me. Sports provide me with the sense of freedom from my inability to walk, especially when I am riding the waves or zooming down the ski slopes; I feel limitless during these times.

I hesitated when I was first asked to participate in the Bold Beauty Project. Why? I am uncomfortable wearing fancy clothes and putting on makeup; this is not how I roll (pun, lol). I am in my element when I am active in sports, so I was ecstatic about spending the afternoon with my photographer Sharon, on the ski slopes and getting a variety of action shots, including the one you see here.

“Although my photograph may not symbolize the traditional definition of beauty, it is how I define beauty, and it is definitely bold!”


Photographed by Sharon Shipe