Model: Leman Duggan
Intellectual/Developmental Disorder

I just turned 23 years old. I was born in Bulgaria and was four when I was adopted. I’m very happy to have two sets of parents. On weekends, I stay in Wimberley. In the week, I stay in Pflugerville. That’s where I work.

My grades weren’t very good in high school. I have ADHD. When I’m with a group of people, I can’t concentrate. Even with modified classes and extended time, I couldn’t focus. It would just be too much and overwhelming. I was aggravated and frustrated.

After I graduated from high school, I moved into a program called 18 Plus, and that was a huge thing for me. That was based more on independence. Each coach would train us on different job sites. It was learning how to be independent in the real world. That’s where I got the job I have now, working at Hendrickson High with a food washer. I love this job.

Right now, I’m doing flag football in Special Olympics. Flag football is my thing, and I became an athlete. I used to run 5Ks and 10Ks and played basketball. I take singing lessons, and it’s my passion.

I like my photo because I’m looking up, like I’m looking into the future. I do suggest that people with disabilities participate in Special Olympics. It changes your life. One thing I don’t like is for people to put me down. Don’t say I can’t do something I really want and enjoy. I’ll prove you wrong!


Photographed by Winifred Simon