Model: Mary Abigail Kiely
Multiple Disabilities

My name is Mary Abigail “Bundle of Joy,” “Healed of God” Kiely. My Dad named me when he and my Mom brought me home from the hospital. I was 22 months old. You see, before God brought Dad and Mom to me, I didn’t have a home. The doctors told Dad and Mom I would not live to my second birthday, to take me home and love me. I remember they laughed to themselves, snuggled me up, ventilator and g-tube feeding in tow, and away we went to my new life. I am now 27 years old.

My Dad and Mom have told me all my life that I am beautiful. This project naturally fits me, as I also have a big, bold personality.

When you walk away from this project and my story, I ask that you remember this: I have physical anomalies and for some people those are hard to get past. But if you will gaze into my eyes, you will see my whole person, who is so full of life, drama, comedy and potential. Be blessed in this experience and please share it. We pray every day that this will be life changing.

And remember, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Photographed by George Krause