Model: Natalia Vindas
Spinal Cord Injury
Costa Rica

I had a car accident in 2008 working as highway engineer. I broke my back at T9 and have lived with a spinal cord injury since then.

My wheelchair has become my full-time companion. For the first years few years, it was a hate/love relationship because I really hated not being able to stand up, walk and dance. But eventually I was really thankful for being able to get out of bed and hang around.

My wheelchair both traps and frees me. After 10 years of being together, I feel peace and accept it as it is. I focus on the good experiences and the teaching that my wheelchair has brought to me.

One of these good experiences is the photo shoot I had with Esther Lev for the Bold Beauty Project. I am an adapted surfer and my happy and favorite place is being the sea.

I have never considered myself as a photogenic person, but when I saw the photos Esther took of me, I was surprised. I loved them! I had a great time with Esther and felt comfortable all the time…just being me.


Photographed by Esther Lev Schtirbu