Model: Oda Lisa Roberts

The Texas Bold Beauty Project is a wondrous thing by redefining the conception of disability. My hope is to assuage the poor perception of blindness by expounding upon the following meanings. For me, “bold” equals having the courage to be fully functioning within a visual scene. No longer is “beauty” defined by outer physicality. Best to shine my inner light on love, kindness, and mercy.

Here are some other terms to illustrate how I want to be perceived. I’m quite fond of the attitude known as “cheeky.” To show off how much fun living can be, this worthy adventure began theatrically thanks to the EmilyAnn Theatre in Wimberley. I’ve mingled my two published books with Charles Dickens, my favorite author (next to me!). If my mood gets lowered, the word “music” comes to mind, automatically. My bruised spirit is soothed with singing memorized hymns, or by playing my horn and feeling “saxy” and jazzy.

At the end of the day, one can see, being blind doesn’t diminish my creativity. So, please don’t feel the need for pity. Compassion, on the other hand, I’ll accept happily. Concerning anyone’s help, I’ll surely seek when needed. Knowing my limits, I know when to heed it. Blessings from Heaven smooth out life’s challenging paths – thankfully! So, as you consider my photograph, remember the three “B’s”: bold, beauty, blind… Welcome to me!



Photographed by Bonnie Jaimes