Model: Paige Lanbert
TAR Syndrome

Growing up, I didn’t think certain things were possible because of my difference, until I saw someone like me showing me how to do it and what it looked like. Now, I get to show other women what it’s like to embrace their differences, their uniqueness. I get to show women that your identity is not based on how you look, what you do, or how successful you are. It’s based on who God created you to be in the first place and the promises that He’s given you. That you are loved unconditionally, as precious to Him as any of His creations, and that you have a great purpose and story just waiting to be told.

My hope is that I can change one person’s perspective on their own differences or the differences of those around them. And another. And another. And another. Until a whole generation is changed forever.


Photographed by George Krause