Model: R’Meisha Williams

I am beautiful. Since birth, I’ve been told what I can and can’t do. That evolved from a disability I was born with called Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV), known as “clubfeet.” CTEV is a condition in which a child’s foot appears to be twisted or turned backwards. I was born with CTEV in both feet.

Considering that I have gone through some rough patches in life, I will NEVER let that stop me from reaching my goals. When you are constantly told that you can’t do something, you tend to develop a mentality that is rebellious to that statement. I personally believe there is nothing in this world that one cannot do, unless they don’t attempt it. I have always looked at fear in the face and smile…while conquering the obstacle that I was told I’d never get over. I live my life by a statement my mother always told me as a young child growing up, “Can’t is not a word in your vocabulary.” This statement has given me the utmost motivation to continue with my journey in life and not let my current state or situation put me down. As a child growing up, my mother always kept an animal in the family, so it’s safe to say that my dream of becoming a veterinarian started early on.

The picture I chose to display at the Bold Beauty Project shows when I feel my most beautiful. That is me with my favorite animal, a Pit bull. I chose a Pit bull because their life and reputation is similar to mine: being misunderstood. The stereotype placed on Pit bulls are often generalized to be vicious animals and the stereotype on people with “disabilities” is that we are dependent. I want to prove people wrong about both subjects. Doctors likely never envisioned a modeling shoot would be in her future. Isn’t that quite the most beautiful reality of the experience? Break society’s expectation


Photographed by Jesus Aranguren