Model: Ronit Mezrahi

My name is Ronit. Five years ago I came down with a strong flu. I ended up with pneumonia, streptococcus and influenza at the hospital where they had to inert a tube to help my lungs. I spent sixty days in a coma with sepsis and to save my life I had to go through several amputations.

I did a lot of physiotherapy to get ahead. Today with prostheses on both legs, without one hand and without the fingers of the other hand, I consider myself a very lucky person for having had a second chance at life. To be able to share and fill my days with happy moments with my family and friends and most of all to have the attitude of fighting every day to live a completely happy life.

Many times in life we ​​are forced to go through difficult times, but it is in ourselves to decide how we want to face these moments. I chose this photo because since I became disabled I dreamed of being able to play baseball again and I also wanted to highlight the importance of feeling beautiful with my physique. What better way than combining the two things that represent a huge challenge for me.

Knowing that I did it, even for a few hours that the photo session lasted, taught me that everything one proposes with dedication, perseverance and attitude can be achieved.  NEVER GIVE UP!




Photographed by Susana Armature