Model: Rosa Doens
Multiple Sclerosis

Since I was a child, I dreamed of making my own family. In my adolescence I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and with the passage of time and the progression of the disease, this dream looked distant and difficult to achieve.
My doctors considered that for this, I had to find an alternative way to make it happen and that with this, my health would not be affected when a child was born. A few years ago with the support of my parents and the unconditional love of my husband today, Jorge, we turned to these scientific alternatives, seeking in the future to make a dream of both come true: to start a family but always aware of my situation. But God and life give us the blessing of being parents and of being able to have a child in my womb. Living the experience of a pregnancy and direct connection with my son, has been the realization of my desired dream. The gestation time was great, calm and the disease remained inactive, giving me the opportunity to have my pregnancy without problems.

Today, I enjoy my son and the joy of being a mother. I learn every day from him and he from me. Now as a mother, my challenge is to make him a man of good, who grows aware that life is a constant change, of learning, of tolerance and that he is a person without prejudices, being part of a more just society.

Therefore, for me, there was no better scenery for my photograph than my son with me in this photo and show me as a woman, with happiness and thanking God for life today, to have my own family!


Photographed by Natalie Sofer