Model: Rose Jiménez

I am Rose Jiménez, I have Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that I inherited from my dad. The syndrome occurs 1 in 50,000 births and is the product of a mutation on chromosome number 5 (the cause of the mutation is still unknown).

The syndrome occurs spontaneously (without family history) or hereditary, since each CT as we call ourselves, has a 50% chance that each child will be born with this congenital malformation.

I am the youngest of three sisters, proudly CT but I do not like to be labeled just for having a disability, since the syndrome affects craniofacial development (bones of the face), respiratory tract, and hearing.

I like people to know that I am a journalist, Magister, aunt, best friend, cousin, niece and many roles that I love, but above all being a WOMAN. And yes, that is me… A Tal Rose.


Photographed by Alegre Saporta