Model: Sabrina Murillo

My name is Sabrina Murillo, I suffered from a traffic accident where I was the only survivor.

On that day I had a spinal cord injury that left me paraplegic, and in a wheelchair for the rest of my life (or so they say). All my life I was passionate about soccer, in fact, I was the fastest on my teams, but now in a wheelchair, I have the limitation of feeling vulnerable because I can’t play what I love most.

I decided to take the photos by doing it, but there were two options: that it was me playing it in my reality or doing it as I see myself in my dreams. And these photos represent how I feel empowered every time I entered the field to play this sport. Without the Bold Beauty Project, I would never have been able to relive my dream with my tacos, “kicking” a ball.


Photographed by Tete Olivella