Model: Stephanie Pearce
Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, & Anorexia

Volunteer & IH Women’s Group Member/Advocate

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and was ambulatory until the age of 21, when I obtained a C2-T2 Spinal Cord Injury when I tripped and fell and landed on my neck on a concrete floor. This left me a Quadriplegic and required that I use a power wheelchair to get around. I also suffer from Anorexia, which started in my late teens. I’ve always had issues with my body image and have been struggling more over the past year. Bold Beauty Project came at a great time in my life, when I am actively in recovery from my eating disorder. Since my Spinal Cord Injury, I have never truly accepted my body image and the way my body functions on a daily basis.

I find great pleasure in getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup. I chose to do a photo where I felt empowered and strong and was able to see myself in a different light. I actively meditate each day, and while I meditate I believe there are guardian angels around me and others. This is why I chose to have angel wings in my photo.

I am a very social person who loves being around a variety of different people. Being around people helps me to feel like I am not so alone in my day to day struggles. I live at Inglis House in Philadelphia, a long-term care facility for people with physical disabilities. I came to Inglis House to encourage myself to become more social and stop isolating myself.

“I attend groups and programs throughout each day, where I can flourish and feel supported by my peers. While I experience obstacles every day, I am able to find happiness and peace through my faith in this journey I call life.”


Photographed by Mickie Rosen