Photographed by Ginny Dixon.


Susan is a podiatric physician, pharmacist and has a healthcare consulting company. Susan believes everything happens for a reason and there are always lessons to be learned in life. in 2001, Susan ended up a paraplegic in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord tumor…

“Since being in a wheelchair, I have learned to truly appreciate and be thankful for what I do have, and how not to be stopped by what I don’t have. I have learned the beauty in connecting and appreciating those around me. I’ve learned to never be embarrassed about who I am or what my needs are. I have learned that most people are truly kind and want to connect but don’t know how. I have learned that I am really not in control (and I certainly used to think I was.) I have learned what it is like to be weak and vulnerable which has taught me empathy and compassion.

I have learned how much sweeter life is rolling around with an open heart, rather than walking around with my guard up.”