Model: Tiffany Yu
Right brachial plexus injury
Diversability founder; disability influencer

At the age of 9, I became disabled in a car accident that also took the life of my dad. Prior to the car accident, I have memories of rock climbing, taking ballet and violin classes, and biking with my dad and siblings. All of that came to a screeching halt after the accident.

I sat in the darker parts of my grief journey for a long time, and physical activity became a traumatic reminder of the changes in my body. It wasn’t until I started Diversability in 2009 that I began to redefine my relationship with my disabled body. In 2015, I tried swimming again for the first time since becoming disabled. In 2016, I tried rock climbing for the first time since becoming disabled. These days, I’m exploring what it means to be disabled and live well.

For the Bold Beauty Project, I wanted to explore movement in Los Angeles. I moved to LA in 2022 after becoming enamored with it after a 2017 trip. It became my favorite playground. I also wanted this photo to be an “Ode to Tiffany” in her latest chapter, exploring the ways in which her body moves in her own way.


Photographer: Yulia Тregub Morris