Miami Herald Article- Neighbors Section- BEEN THERE! October 2006

Raw Beauty put on display

By Fiorella Sarmiento

Five galleries in the Miami Design District- Steve Martin Studio, Lurie Fine Art Galleries, Urbania, Etra Fine Art and Art Formz- recently collaborated on a special on-night exhibition, a combined effort known as Gallery Walk. In addition to their regular exhibition, the galleries presented Uncensored Life: Raw Beauty.

The traveling exhibit features 21 women who have some form of disability, including those left paralyzed after suffering spinal cord injuries during their teenage years, those born with genetic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and women who are blind. “Since being in a wheelchair I have learned to truly appreciated and be thankful for what I do have and ho not be stopped by what I don’t have,” Susan Solman wrote in her biography, displayed with her portrait. She became a paraplegic four years ago because of a spinal tumor.  “I’ve learned to never be embarrassed about who I am or what my needs are.”